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RE/MAX 22 CEO Speech


A successful owner broker has to be a people person — someone who can offer constructive feedback or show empathy when needed. People have ups and downs in this business. Helping people to stay motivated, I enjoy doing that, but I never realized how much people would rely on you to do that, to lend an ear or be a voice. The agents want to feel like they’re supported.

Much of an office’s success comes down to its interpersonal relationships. It’s important to show that a broker owner is invested in their team’s success. They can do so by being available, helping with business plans and sharing their expertise. I want to see people make it and have a really great career in this business.

If there’s any magic in this, it’s that I spend a lot of time with people. The only time our company profits is when our agents profit. We have a complete desire to see that happen. If we keep our focus on that, then we can really succeed. For many broker owners, that desire to coach and be a team leader is what led them to the role. But that’s only one facet of the job. Much of the job requires a keen business sense and administrative savvy. We have a VP of sales, a VP of management and a VP of rentals. None of them compete. It’s almost a militaristic layer of management and coaching; you have to be able to make sure that as your agency grows, so do your support systems. Without those systems, your agent pool will suffer and turn over.

Help every one to find his suitable property.

 Dr.Mostafa ElKomy CEO


“In My Opinion , The ability to simultaneously perform as an individual and together with your colleagues or employees in effective teamwork is the key to attain growth and success.The need for effective teamwork is critical for any business.”

RE/MAX 22 Brokers Working for Sellers and Buyers Some of the broker’s duties on behalf of sellers include:

  1. Advising the home seller in preparing their homes for listing and showings.
  2. Supervising showing, report to sellers results and feedback.
  3. Working on the seller’s behalf in coordinating the transaction process.

On the other side of the transaction, brokers work with people having the need to buy a property by providing advice and services to help them to find a property that fits their needs and completing the steps of the transaction, such as:

  1.  Helping buyers locate all properties in their desired area in their price range and meeting their criteria.
  2.  Working on behalf of the buyer in negotiations with the seller through their agent/broker.
  3.  Delivering and explaining documents in the transaction process.
  4.  Coordinating inspections, reports and repair negotiations.
  5.  Assisting buyers through to closing and taking possession.

With RE/MAX 22  Now, buying  your very own home is no longer an impossible dream. We can help you take the steps you need to purchase a property .As A managing Director of RE/MAX22 i have to say that our success is not an entitlement but something we need to earn,every day.

Mr.Wael Sayed  managing Director

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